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Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd., affiliated to China National United Equipment Group Corp., was founded in 1968, which is one big state owned enterprise licensed to manufacture paper pulping machines and associated equipments. After more than 40 years of experience in paper mill industry, Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd., has been the leading manufacturing base for paper pulping machines. Our overwhelming products can cover the whole production process of paper pulping: super batch cooking production line with self-owned intellectual property, displacement digesters and continuous cooking system for cooking process; vacuum drum washer, single screw press, twin roll press, disc filter and gravity disc thickener for pulp washing process and bleaching process. Our paper pulping machines have been exported to Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries with reliable performance in papermaking industry and won wide praise!

paper pulp cooking process

Pulp cooking process is where the main part of the delignification takes place. Here the  wooden chips are mixed with white liquor, heated to increase the reaction rate and then disintegrated into fibers by ‘blowing’ – subjecting them to a sudden decrease in pressure.

paper pulp washing process

On pulp washing process, because of the high amounts of chemicals used in the cooking wood in Kraft pulping, the recovery of the chemicals is of crucial importance.  The process where the chemicals are separated from the cooked pulp is called pulp washing process.

pulp bleaching process

Pulp bleaching process involves removing virtually all of the lignin that still remains after paper pulp cooking, as the lignin contains the chromophoric groups which make the pulp dark. Pulp bleaching process has two steps: oxygen delignification and final bleaching.


We are

Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd., is a large state owned enterprise that is situated in Anyang, Henan Province, China. After more than 40 years of production experience in paper pulping equipments, our company has been the leading manufacturing basement for paper pulping machines.

Our story

Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1968, it’s a state owned enterprise that affiliated to China National United Equipment Group corp. Four decades on, Anyang Machinery is committed to supply high quality paper pulping machines and excellent service, and enjoyed high reputation in paper making industry.

Our equipments

The company covers more than 130000 m2, owns modern industrial plant occupied over 60000 m2. There are international advanced Lache, Rolling machine, Bending machine and NC plate cutting center. Its annual productivity amounts to 20000 tons and the yearly output value has reached as much as over USD 100 million.

We make

We have the qualification to design and manufacture all levels of pressure vessel, vacuum vessel, atmospheric vessel and other non-standard equipments. In the aspect of light industrial machinery, we are the first company that breakthrough the welding production of composite panels, dual phase steel titanium and other ferrous metals.


Anyang Machinery Co., LTD, is the only one to provide a complete set of pulping pressure vessel in paper industry. Guided by the principle “Quality Goes First”, we only provide reliable paper pulping machines for you!

  1. Advanced production equipment and professional technical team.
  2. Providing high quality paper pulping machines and all-round service.
  3. Good reputation both from domestic and abroad for worldwide projects.


As the biggest supplier of turn-key paper pulp mill projects in the Central China, we have the ability to provide full services of paper pulping machines for customers!

Paper Pulp Mill Project Design

Reliable Paper Pulping Machine Supply

Equipments Installation and Commissioning

Operation and Maintenance Training


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